ECG machine

BeneHeart R3

BeneHeart R3
Reliable Analysis
BeneHeart R3 utilizes the University of Glasgow ECG analysis algorithm, one of the world-leading resting ECG interpretations with  40 years of history.
The Glasgow algorithm is the first to be based on specific variables, including age, gender, race, medication, and class in order to maximize the accuracy of the ECG interpretation.
On the report, a headline may highlight one of several “critical value warnings” to alert medical attendants of findings that need immediate attention.

Clear Display
5-inch color screen offers the highest resolution in industry, enabling clinicians to observe real-time waveforms  accurately.

BeneHeart R12

12 channel electrocardiograph
BeneHeart R12 delivers rapid and accurate ECG diagnosis to help you meet a varity of clinical demands.
Environment and Modernization
Paperless process delivers faster patient testing and reduces the use of costly ECG paper
Full print preview image helps you decide if an immediate repeat of an ECG recording is needed, giving you a faster workflow than ever before;
Preview image for instantaneous on-screen review allows you to send data to the ECG management system without printing;
Review on screen helps you to retrieve previous ECG reports at any time.

BeneHeart R12