Finger Pulse oximeter

Onyx series

Onyx series

Proven Performance in the Widest Range of Patients and Settings

Nonin Medical invented finger pulse oximetry in 1995 with the introduction of the Onyx® 9500 and continues to be the most trusted name in finger pulse oximetry. In fact, Onyx is the only brand of finger pulse oximeter with scientifically proven accuracy in the most challenging cases, including patients with low perfusion or dark skin tones. 


  • Made in USA icon
  • Constructed with hazardous-free materials.
  • Accurate in the widest range of patients and clinical settings, including dark skin and low perfusion.
    Tested in motion.
  • Finger pulse oximeters fit pediatric to adults.

Onyx Vantage Model 9590

For spot checking by clinicians on pediatric to adult patients. For use on fingers, thumbs or toes.

Onyx II Model 9560

Features Bluetooth® wireless technology for remote patient spot checking by clinicians on pediatric to adult patients. Certified compliant with Continua Version One Design Guidelines. Also certified to Microsoft HealthVault, a free online patient record storage platform that communicates and receives data from the Onyx II Model 9560 for personal health management purposes.

Onyx II Model 9550

For spot checking oxygen saturation in military hospital and field settings. Rugged enough for use in the most demanding environments and has US Army and U.S. Military Airworthiness Certifications for use in helicopters.