MRI Anesthesia workstation

Morpheus LT/MRI

Morpheus LT/MRI

The Morpheus LT/MRI is an anesthesia workstation suitable for treatment of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. The Morpheus LT/MRI is compatible with the most modern Magnetic Resonance technologies up to a field of 30m/tesla.
It is provided with a mechanical 3-gas flowmeter box with double scale for low flows, with a group for rapid connection of two vaporizers and it is supplied with an advanced manual ventilation system, APL system or AUX system with a traditional to-and-fro valve automatically switched on & off by the ventilator.
The unit frame is made for 30% of light alloys and for the 70% of fully recyclable plastic material.

Electronic Ventilator

The Ventilator works by a microprocessor electronic control system with a simple and intuitive interface, which allows the anesthetist to operate in a clear and secure way. The system is provided with 3 dedicated software to have in automatic the default settings for adults, children and newborns. The ventilator is provided with the automatic compensation of dead space, the leakages calculation, the automatic calibration of FiO2, the analysis of expired volume, respiratory pressure and breathing rate.

Patient Circuit

The Patient group of Morpheus LT/MRI is compact, lightweight, manually removable and fully autoclavable.

The Patient circuit group is equipped with an automatic heating system to avoid condensing with the possibility to use disposable CO2 absorbers (IS PAC of 0.5kg) or reusable CO2 canister of 1 Kg (TOP SPECIAL). Both absorbers have rapid connection for replacement also during anesthesia.

The group is equipped with bellows at sight allowing manual inspections.


The Morpheus LT/MRI is equipped with 3 wide and large drawers and a large work-shelf to facilitate operating room procedures.